Nobre’s work embodies a mesmerizing fusion of his past eclectic influences, blending different cultures together with elements of surrealism and wildlife, all while embracing the aspects of the realm of his tattoo artistry. Nobre's art is a bridge between cultures, illustrating how creativity can unite individuals from diverse origins.


Marco Nobre is a versatile artist whose creative journey spans the realms of painting and tattoo artistry. Born 1979 in Germany but raised in Portugal, Nobre's artistic roots run deep. During his early years, he was primarily drawn to painting major murals, but also developed a profound passion for architectural design, wildlife, and animals. Carrying these interests with him, Nobre chose to pursue studies in architecture design and had the opportunity to work as a house designer for the award winning architect José Alegria - which work is inspired by the intricate details and decorations of Moroccan architecture and some of these influences can be seen in Nobre's paintings today. Though he held his experiences with Alegria in high regard and appreciated the teachings he received, his thirst for new knowledge motivated him to become a full-time artist and tattooer.